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Dealership Risk Management


Automobile and Truck Dealerships constantly face exposure to loss of inventory, loss or damage to property, third-party liability, etc.   Risk Management is a rational and organized process for dealing with these loss exposures and will help minimize the adverse effects of accidental loss.     

As independent professionals, our dealership consultants provide objective analysis and have no economic interest in the solution. We are independent of any Garage Insurance provider or program and work 100% for YOUR interest.

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Firm Risk Consultants will review your organization's insurance and risk management programs and make recommendations regarding coverage improvements, administration, loss control and financing mechanisms.  

Our consultants will provide a systematic process of managing your organization's risk exposures.


Fewer and Less Severe Losses   

Increased Profits

Better Employee Retention 

An Effective Management Tool

Safer, more Productive Operations

Lower Insurance Premiums

More Leverage with Insurance Companies

You will have a Professional Independent Expert working exclusively on your behalf and acting as your ADVOCATE.

About Us

Auto and Truck Dealership Specialists

This is our work, this is what we do.   We have been working exclusively with Garage Insurance and Risk Management for Auto Dealers and Dealer Groups for almost 40 years.    

We believe we can be of valuable service to you and your operation.

Experienced Associates

We have conducted numerous seminars and workshops for dealership groups in Loss Control and Risk Management.  Our firm has authored several articles in professional insurance publications on topics of risk-management, garage insurance, and loss control specifically for automobile and truck dealers.

Broad knowledge and expertise in Garage Insurance earned through years of study and “hands-on” experience with Auto Dealers.  

Corporate Headquarters

Firm Risk Consultants, LLC is a National Consulting firm based in Jacksonville Florida, working exclusively for Auto, Truck & RV dealerships in related matters of Insurance and Risk Management.

A good reputation and good references 

Our Services

INITIAL RISK ASSESSMENT: Insurance Coverage Analysis

We will complete a detailed EXAMINATION of your dealership insurance policies and ASSESS your  exposure to risk.   

1. We will determine how well your dealership policies are protecting your dealership assets. 

2. Make RECOMMENDATIONS for any CHANGES we believe are necessary. 

3. Complete a STUDY of insurance LOSS records to identify TRENDS,  problem areas, etc.  and ASSIST in purifying the loss record to ensure accuracy.  

4. Present the results of these studies along with recommendations for IMPROVEMENTS in insurance protection, limits, terms, etc.,  

5. Recommend improvements in efficiency of operation loss control, administration and cost savings.

RENEWAL MARKETING: Competitive Bidding Process

Several months prior to the GARAGE INSURANCE RENEWAL we will prepare specifications for competitive  bids and solicit qualified insurance carriers to submit quotes


1. We will manage the renewal process and... 

       INTERACT with the bidders,  

       ORGANIZE the quotes for review 

       ANSWER questions about terms, coverage, & strengths  

       SPOTLIGHT strengths, weaknesses, pricing differences, etc.   

  2. If the decision is not to entertain competitive quotes, Firm Risk Consultants will work with the current insurer(s) to secure the most favorable renewal terms, coverages, and pricing.   

3.  Once a decision on renewal has been made, we will follow up to make sure the insurance product(s) received are consistent with the limits, coverage, terms, and premiums, which were quoted.

CONTINUING COUNSEL: Insurance Management Services

With our many years of automotive and truck dealership insurance experience, our advisors provide ongoing risk management consulting services.  Our advisors deal with dealership insurance issues every day and have worked extensively with multi-location mega dealership groups.  

Firm Risk Consultants will provide continual ADVICE and COUNSEL on Garage Insurance matters:  

1. Exposures, audits, loss control, and other risk management matters on both a pro-active and reactive basis. 

2. When appropriate, ASSIST with CLAIMS, billing or AUDITS DISPUTES with insurers. 

3. Interact with carriers to coordinate LOSS CONTROL activities, COMPLIANCE with recommendations, etc.


Let us know how we can help you PROPERLY MANAGE YOUR INSURANCE!

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